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Stainless steel chimenys San Giovanni Rotondo


Canne fumarie in acciaio inox San Giovanni Rotondo
We have been working for years in the field of production and installation of stainless steel chimneys in San Giovanni Rotondo in single wall, colored double wall or copper exterior. The chimneys in single wall are particularly suitable for the adjustment of existing chimneys or for the construction of new implants with external coatings. They provide an ideal evacuation of the fumes thanks to the welding techniques used and the materials used to provide optimum protection against atmospheric agents or other external stresses. Contact us for more information, we will provide you with an immediate feedback.

Chimneys in double wall, on the other hand, are functional for proper evacuation of the fumes in order to preserve the normal functioning of the plant itself. The installations are easily adapted to all types of heating systems and for any need: if you are renovating your home or needing to install the equipment in a new building, choose Lattonerie De Bonis, we will guarantee you a great value for money.
The production of chimneys in double wall satisfies the most varied functional needs of customers. Come to visit us and ask to us for a free inspection, our technicians will follow you from the phase of design until to installation and post-sales assistance phase. You will be able to choose from a wide range of colors and sizes for chimneys in double wall, all properly installed according to the relevant regulations. Outer chimneys in copper are highly demanded by our customers with particular aesthetic needs and are installed in particular with regard historical centers for obvious decorative motives.

Canna fumaria palazzo